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US B-52 Bomber Tests ARRW Hypersonic Missile to Narrow Gap with China

In a significant move, the US Air Force has successfully conducted a test launch of a live AGM-183A Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW) hypersonic missile. The test, conducted earlier this ...

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This cloth destroys deadly neurotoxins in minutes

Chemists are working with the U.S. Army to produce uniforms that can rapidly break down toxic substances and protect soldiers from chemical weapons. IN OMAR FARHA’S lab at Northwestern University, ...

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The first batch of terrifying apocalypse torpedoes has been built by Russia.

The first long-range nuclear torpedoes built by Poseidon have been delivered to the Russian Navy.The nuclear-powered torpedoes are faster than NATO submarines and torpedoes.A 2-megaton nuclear weapon on Poseidon is ...

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Parsons subsidiary wins contract for DARPA’s SMOKE Programme

Parsons will build data-driven tools that can automate the planning and execution of threat-emulated cyber infrastructure. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the US Department of Defense has ...

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Japan, Italy, and the UK Are Teaming Up on a mystery New Fighter Jet

Japan, the U.K., and Italy have teamed up to produce a next-generation fighter jet.The Global Combat Air Program will pool the resources of all three countries to build a common ...

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Turkey’s TAI is creating a new drone and intends for it to be supersonic.

Turkey’s Ankara — According to a business spokesman, Turkish Aerospace Industries is creating the nation’s first homegrown subsonic drone. Goksungur or Simsek are two possible names for the subsonic drone. ...

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